Marcin Ruszkiewicz

Ruby / Elixir Backend Developer

About Me

Hi, I’m Marcin and I’m not a cat. I just like cats. Cats are nice.

However, being a hobbyist photographer, I don’t really have all that many photos of myself. I do have a lot of photos of other people and recently - of Lego sets that you can check out on my Instagram.

When I’m not putting together Lego creations or making photos of them, I keep myself occupied with typical geek stuff - I read books or comics, watch shows and anime, and sometimes take part in gigantic space battles in Eve Online.

I’ve been a Ruby developer for many years, and in the last few I’ve branched out into Elixir as well. I’ve chosen to focus on writing backend code, since I feel like it’s interesting and has opportunities for really testing my programming skills. Right now I’m looking for something that will let me dive deeper into Ruby and Rails internals and provide an interesting challenge.

I try to sometimes branch out into other programming languages, for example by doing small games using Haxe or Godot, or coding small Discord bots in Elixir - after all, having a concrete project to accomplish is the best way to learn new things.


Warsaw / Remote


Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

  • As part of a developer team, extended and upgraded the RightPhoto application by adding new imports from stock photo provider APIs and importing provided photo collections to the ecommerce portion of the application
  • Cooperated with another developer on implementing a completely new application layout and related upgrades for the elearning platform Alludo
  • Completed various smaller projects for different Polcode clients, including upgrades of earlier Ruby on Rails versions and implementing minor fixes and additional features in client applications


Fat Dog Games

Javascript / Ruby on Rails Developer

  • Developed HTML5 and JS games using the ImpactJS engine, including the Pixel Prophecy game and multiple mobile adventure game prototypes
  • Created mobile versions of games on iOS and Android using CocoonJS
  • Implemented game code using ImpactJS for web and mobile versions, and developed Ruby on Rails backend for games Zaopiekuj Się Mną and Szlachecka Przygoda for Zielona Sowa and Nowa Era respectively.


Alpaca Adventures

Javascript / Ruby on Rails Developer

  • Developed HTML5 and JS games using the ImpactJS engine, including Treasure River, Bunny Smash, Fire Truck, and Cup of Tears for the company, and for external clients, such as the promotional game Apap Memory
  • Implemented game mechanics and features using JavaScript and backend features in Ruby on Rails, such as scoreboards or player accounts


Yetiz Interactive

PHP / HTML Developer

  • Tailored and optimized Concrete5 CMS and ecommerce module to meet client specifications
  • Implemented customizations for the Center For Medical Weight Loss website and its admin panel


Agencja Interaktywna Receptor

PHP / HTML Developer

  • Implemented new graphic designs and customized the Drupal CMS for websites and


IQ Labs

PHP / HTML Developer

  • Developed and maintained websites using Zend Framework, such as and
  • Provided technical support and backend solutions for SMS-based contests and promotions



Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Ekonomii TWP

External studies on the Informatics and Econometric course on the WSIIE TWP. Unfinished.


Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski

Attended full time informatics studies on the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. Unfinished.


Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr V im. Wspólnej Europy

Attended high school class with a mathematics and IT profile, finished with a diploma.


Here are some of my personal projects. You can find the rest of them on my Github.


This is a book catalogue that’s for now mostly serving me and my fiance. We read a lot of books, so we needed some way to remember which ones we already have and where on the vast bookshelves they are.

  • Elixir
  • Phoenix 1.7
  • Tailwind CSS

Kaiser Ruby

A transpiler for the Rockstar esoteric programming language, where programs are also song lyrics. This projects takes the Rockstar code, and uses Ruby metaprogramming to parse and execute it.

  • Ruby 2.4