Most of the time I work in Ruby. I like that it's simple but quite powerful, and while in my daily work I'm using Ruby on Rails 90% of the time, I'm mostly interested in the things that aren't strictly Ruby on Rails related.

I also like working on backend stuff, so debugging applications, customizing gems to do what I want or writing new ones is what I do best.

Some of the coolest things I've worked on are Kaiser-Ruby, a transpiler for the Rockstar programming language; and a simple fire effect implementation in the terminal.


You can find me on the web, here and there. Try one of the links on the right, for example.

There's my github profile where I put all the random code I write. You can also read my Ruby-related articles on my company's blog.

Other languages

As a full-time web developer, I have to know Javascript, of course. And I do, though it's not something I like to admit nor work in.

I also work in Elixir, which is super powerful and easy to pick up as a Rubyist.

Other than that I like trying to make my own small games using different engines like Godot, Haxe or Unity.


Mostly I'm a gamer, playing both video games on everything and board games. I'm also very big on reading all the fantasy, s-f and comic books I can get my hands on, or watching good TV and anime shows.

I also dabble a bit in photography and making stuff with Arduinos.


You might want to contact me for any reason. Try one of these ways.